Sage Hill Farms

Sage Hill Farms – A Sustainable Project

Looking toward the future means giving back as much as we take. It means using resources wisely and gently.

Sage Hill Farms herbs and teas - healthy and delicious Gate-Keepers Bea and Mike Kunz are drawing from generations of family farming practices to build and maintain a Sustainable farm business.

Located at the foot of the beautiful Cumberland Plateau in the state of Tennessee, Sage Hill Farms is proud of and works to maintain a standard of clean and healthy product, not only for our own family, but for your family as well.

Looking toward the future also includes honoring the past. Visit our Ebay Vintage and Collectibles store for a great selection of vintage jewelry and other items.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To produce chemical free herbs by using organic, approved products to enrich and sustain our soil.
  • Through composting and cover cropping, nature can and does supply us with needed elements to meet our goals.
  • Our aim is to leave a better legacy for the next and all future generations to build on.

Our motto: Eat Well ~ Be Well

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